Do you know what to do to keep your kids safe...?

... in a sometimes scary world!

Buy My Book and Find Out...

"Jo, just to say THANK YOU for my book. I love it and everyone who knows a child, or someone with children, MUST have a copy of this very important book....that will help to keep children safe, and may even save a life..."

Why you need this book...

As a parent, you know the importance of teaching your children about 'Stranger Danger', and keeping safe on the internet. But there are other dangers that children face EVERY DAY. So are YOU and your children prepared to KEEP SAFE...?


What if they get lost...?

Every year, THOUSANDS of children get lost. Do YOU know what to do if you suddenly find they aren't with you? And do THEY know what to do to STAY SAFE and find you again...?


What if there is a fire at home...?

Every year, HUNDREDS of people, including children, die in house fires. Yet if everyone knew what do do, many could have escaped safely. Do you have a FIRE PLAN? Do your children know what to do FIRST...?


Or even a terrorist attack...?

Luckily terrorist attacks are rare. But children often see news coverage of these events and many of them are REALLY WORRIED - for themselves, or for their parents. There's really simple advice available on what to do if you get caught up in a terrorist attack. Do you, and your children know what it is...?


So, PLEASE don't wait...

As parents, keeping our children safe is a REALLY HIGH PRIORITY. So, please think about how YOU can keep YOUR children safe...


This important book is now available in waterstones and in both softback AND Kindle versions on Amazon...


"I absolutely loved your book. Especially because it’s quite poetic, which makes it sound fun, but very informative and serious all at once. It’s definitely something that reading-age children will enjoy. The illustrations are fab! Not to mention the information provided for parents, caregivers and education. Jo, what you have created is beyond spectacular and I really do hope that your book becomes universal and in the hands of millions of children and schools."

Order your copy today...

If you like sitting down with your children and reading a real book, there's a softback version available NOW in Waterstones, and on Amazon. And if you prefer electronic books, there is a Kindle version available too...

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