About me

Hi, I'm Jo FitzGerald.

I'm an experienced teacher, mum, blogger, author, and parent advisor, with many articles published in the media.

I've worked extensively in the UK and the Middle East, with my young children, where I lived through many scary events – including a military coup. I also lived through the era of the IRA bombings in the UK. So, I'm now ready for the zombie apocalypse – and always have a plan!

I specialise in helping parents of younger children turn their child on to learning. I have a strong focus on helping parents foster resilience skills and emotional well-being in their young children.

I run social media groups for parents of young children aged 0–9 and have seen how many parents, and children, have been adversely affected by recent blanket media coverage of terrorist events, missing children, and other traumatic events, such as the tragic Grenfell Tower fire.

Children don't just learn to read. They have to be encouraged, and taught. We have to actively engage with them to help build their academic abilities. The same applies to their life skills and abilities - the ability to think for themselves, to be curious, to solve problems, to overcome obstacles. These skills are JUST as important as reading, writing, and maths.

So, let me help you. Let me help you develop your child into a caring, well-adjusted resilient youngster. And to be the best person they can be...


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